Name: Pierre Hansson

Date of Birth: 18/10/1987

Nationality: Swedish


Good knowledge with Adobe Photoshop, involving 2D sprite graphics, concept art and website mockups.
Experienced in writing design documents and user experience design.

Extensive knowledge about Unreal Engine's Blueprints and with Max 7 scripting.
Familiar with Touch Designer and its node-based scripting system.

Worked in groups of various sizes, ranging from two to eight. Used to working with agile development.
Been a Scrum master. Facilitated feedback sessions, workshops and ideation sessions.

Extensive experience video editing with Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere.
Created animations with Adobe Edge Animate. Some experience of Maya.


Hyper Island (Stockholm) - Digital Media Creative (2014 - 2016)
Education in Communication Design

Previous Work Experience

Event Center Instructor (2008 - 2009)

- Instructed and oversaw large groups in activities such as paintball and quadbikes.
- Required planning in both safety and execution.
- Involved a lot of quick decision making.

Car Delivery Service (2010 - 2012)

- Transporter of cars between a car rental service and an automobile workshop.
- Involved planning routes and communicating traffic sitation to both parties.
- Repetitive work which required creative ways of staying focused.

Hyper Island Company Projects (2014 - 2016)

- Created several projects for companies as a part of our education. A few of them:
Kosta Boda, PAF, Houdini, MarQts, Stadsmissionen, IKEA.


- City & Guilds: English - Expert Diploma
- Black Belt in Taekwondo & former instructor
- Experience with PhP
- Playtester for DICE on Battlefield 1